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This website is a platform for teachers to share their best practices in education, curated by teachers. At HSDC in Hampshire, United Kingdom we were commissioned to produce an online professional development platform to benefit all teaching practitioners from all sectors and levels of learning.

We collaborated with other colleges to create content that would assist practitioners throughout their educational journeys. by sharing their expertise, and tips and tricks.

Our in-house Creative Learning Studio supported our journey by producing the videos you see here by using their creativity, green screen studio, and digital technologies. We have strived to establish a portal of high-quality resources with supportive and enriching content.


The resource is now in a state of being redevelopment by our creative team, so you will be seeing a lot of new things happening to this great platform over the coming months.


Now, we need you to share your wonderful ideas and practices with us and the world for an international class of sharing and collaboration.


So if you have something, anything to share that has benefitted you and your learners, and you'd like to share these awesome things, then please get in touch. It could anything at all, maybe it's effective starter activities, digital tools to enhance learning or methods of reflection and assessment.


Whatever it is, we'd love to work with you for a holistic approach to supporting all education superstars.


So, please feel free to explore the website, and get in touch at any point.


Teachers Takeaway Team


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